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enableHR is Australia’s leading cloud based HR, Contractor and WHS management solution.

As your trusted provider of business insight and human resource management advice we recommend enableHR as an innovative cost effective HR & WHS solution for our clients.

As an enableHR Partner, we can set up your subscription, implement your data, upload your Awards and provide specialist training.


  • •  Easy to use
  • •  Comprehensive Employment, Contractor Management and Work Health and Safety modules
  • •  Pre-populated with over 100 best practice processes, checklists, forms, contracts and templates
  • •  Best practice checklists for hiring, induction, performance management, termination, WHS and RTW
  • •  Employee Self Service access
  • •  Easy to use on-line employee performance review module, accessible via employee self service.

All your data, its availability, back up and disaster recovery is managed by enableHR from a secure enterprise data centre in Australia

Call us for a quote and/or book your enableHR demonstration on: (07) 5530 1571