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Resume CV Writing

Imagine a manager at your dream company opening your resume, instantly seeing your value and calling you on the spot. Does that happen to you?

Chances are the answer is no.

It’s not the manager’s fault or the economy or the amount of competition. Honestly… it’s your resume. Most likely, it simply doesn’t show the difference you would make. And that means it doesn’t stand out or inspire hiring managers to meet you.

Can a resume really do all that? Absolutely. In fact, simple language and formatting refinements can improve your response rate by as much as 50%. Based on over 20 years of real world hiring experience, this guide will show you — step-by-step, example by example — exactly how to do that.

With Blue Sky Guide to Resume Writing, you’ll learn…resume-writing

  • How to write a resume profile that grabs attention right from the start, and avoid the devastating blunder many people make.
  • How to provide proof that you are the right choice.
  • To avoid the design mistake that makes up to 30% of resumes almost unreadable on certain computers.
  • How to engage your reader with action-packed stories, no matter if you’re an experienced executive or a recent graduate.
  • The one question you must answer in your resume and how it will dramatically increase your response rate.

You’ll also get 20 pre-formatted templates (and tons of real-life examples) to make creating your resume as easy as possible.

Once you apply our time-tested principles, you’ll see a difference right away. And you’ll soon be sending out your new resume with renewed confidence

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