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Bullying, Harassment & Grievance Handling Training

Course features:

Duration:            2 hours
Suitable for:      All employees
Location:           On or off-site
Cost:                  $1,495* for up to 10 people!
Recognition:     Certificate of Attendance

There are legal requirements for employers to prevent workplace bullying and to ensure the health, safety and welfare of their workers.

This educational 2 hour workshop is designed to assist Employers meet their legislative obligations. It is suitable for all workers (employees, contractors, supervisors and managers) and it is based on the latest best practice principles recommended by the Fair Work Commission. The training is also designed to incorporate the implementation or reinforcement of your Company’s policies. It includes practical exercises and relevant case studies.

Learning Outcomes:

  • ♦  Understanding the legislation
  • ♦  Awareness of what constitutes workplace bullying and harassment
  • ♦  How to identify, prevent and respond to inappropriate behaviour
  • ♦  How to use internal resolution processes

Avoiding Unfair Dismissal & Adverse Action

Course features:

Duration:            2.5 hours
Suitable for:      Senior Managers, Business Owners
Location:           On or off-site
Cost:                   $1,995* for up to 10 people!

An eligible employee, working in Australia under relevant Commonwealth workplace laws, can seek protection from dismissal if it is harsh, unjust or unreasonable. They can also make a complaint about almost any issue in their workplace and if their employer takes some form of ‘adverse action’ against them or if they are subjected to discrimination because they’ve exercised a workplace right, it may be deemed unlawful under the General Protections provisions of the Fair Work Act. Adverse action includes termination, altering an employee’s working arrangements, taking disciplinary action or not employing a worker in the first place.  In the event of a General Protections Claim, the burden of proof rests with the employer.

This educational 2.5 hour session is designed to provide managers and senior leaders with a practical understanding of the unfair dismissal and general protections legislation in Australia. It covers procedural matters and actual case studies to reinforce what is ‘reasonable management action’ and how to effectively manage disciplinary proceedings and termination of employment in accordance with the Fair Work Commission’s recommendations.

 Learning Outcomes:

  • ♦  Understanding the legislation
  • ♦  Identify systemic issues that give rise to claims and grievances
  • ♦  Awareness of procedural fairness and due diligence requirements

* all training costs exclude GST, room hire (if applicable) and travel costs.

Sessions are tailored to suit your business requirements. Minimise your risk and exposure to expensive legal costs.

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